Emekleyerek uzaklaştığım o içmek istemediğim çorbadan sonra, otobüs durağında oturmayı düşündüm. Otobüs duraklarında insan istediği kadar oturabilir. Hiç kimse gelip otobüs durağında oturan birisine burada ne yapıyorsun demez. İnsan hep mi varlığını sorgulatmak zorunda, varlığımızı yaptıklarımızı ve neden kumaş pantolon giydiğimizi hep mi sağlamak zorunda?

Uzaklaşma nefes kesici belki de insanın cesaretini zorlayan, ruhun bedenden ayrılışını anlatan bir eylem. Bu eylem çerçevesi belirli olmayan ama hedefi o yapışkan varoluşundan, o varoluşuna yapışan kıyafetinden ve sakalından daha uzağa, kolay kolay kahve ve sigara bulamayacağın bir yere doğru yolculuk yapmak belki de. O sıra, o saat, o tarihte, bedeni terk ve daha sonra da neresi olursa diyebilme.

Otobüs durakları gibi otobüslerde sorgulanmayacağın, herkesin seni anladığı, işte bu da benim gibi akşam oldu eve gidiyor dediği yer. O yerde olma, o iki hedef arasında bulunduğu, fizik uzay içinde hareket edip ve aynı zamanda da sayılarla ifade edebileceğin bir hali yaşamadır.

Yolculuk uzaklaşma ve tam yazının ortasına düşmüş çırpınırken yoldan geçen biri gelsin desin ki, nabersin, o bi tane bi iş vardı o bi, noldu o bi iş o bi. Kesintisiz güç kaynağı. Kesintisiz hayat akışı. İlla illa. İlla insan şehrin dışına doğru, illa insan yol geçmeyen bir han bulup sonra da tepeden aşağıya doğru bir bakış atmalı. Ey insanlar. Birbirininizin sözünü ve düşüncelerini kesmeyin. Birbirinizin söz ve düşüncelerini tamamlayın. Bu sene sizler arasındaki son senem, bu sene sonunda dağa çıkıyorum inmemek üzere. İnmeden tepeden nasıl yaşar diye kendinizi üzmeyin, tepede domates, tepede kuş ve tepede ateş var. İnsan tepeden aşağıya doğru bakar ve der ki, hayat böyle bir manyaklıktır işte, anlatması zor değil, kurgulaması zor. Anlattığımı anlaman zor.






















the real






lame addresses


Can mathematics be observed without axioms?

Doubt. The fundamental principle of pure science. Anything we know may be incorrect, needs to be tested, retried, tested again and optimized further. Math, as the root of all science in understanding and expressing science, is the basis of the scientific language. Math starts with Axioms: “An axiom, or postulate, is a premise or starting point of reasoning. A self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument; a postulate. As classically conceived, an axiom is a premise so evident as to be accepted as true without controversy.”, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axiom

Self-evident, without proof, something to be accepted without controversy. Why? Because the simplistic thinking mechanisms of our human brains require a starting point, we cannot start science while floating about, everything in our universe has to have a starting point, a basis to build others on top of.

An axiom could be as simple as 1 ≠ 2. You would use this as your basis of building other statements and proving based on this axiom that the rest of your structure, design is consistent and feeds back into the set of axioms from where you have started your activity. While you do not seek to prove that 1 ≠ 2 is true, you do make use of it as the foundation and you cannot contradict with it as you’re working way forward.

Axioms have an inherent beauty and god like characteristic. Chosen simplistic and smart enough they are the basis of what we know today.

Why then is a scientist, researcher or a much simpler human being not allowed to put into the list of axioms that a designer is inherent and we will use that as the axiom to build on top. There is the danger of trying to prejudicially prove that there is a convergence point in all being and it makes us lazy. No. It doesn’t have to. Having an open mind about God but using it as a postulate to learn more about how the universe and the smaller more local littlest worlds work, doesn’t stop you from doing more science. On the face of it if you’re stopping by saying oh that’s the way it was designed, you’re not the target audience for this group of text anyway.

The main trouble with religion is not that it makes people prejudiced and precognified about the existence of God and that everything has to prove and confirm this. The main trouble with religion is the multiple layers of shite built around the core which is pure. The same is true with scientific institutions. The teacher, professors, faculty managing a college know all better than a 15 year old who may actually disrupt the flow of research by thinking in a new manner. In any given test of this you will see though this elitism exists in the religion, in politics, in the universities and research institutions so a group of people running the institutions keep in power and make sure the distribution of their powers runs through them and is kept under their control.

What happens if 20 years from now, information flows so freely :) given the internet keeps working the way it does, so immensely freely that the concept of a school, teacher, bearer of experience and knowledge disappears and it becomes readily available for any mind to consume. What happens when 20 years from now all controllable resources deplete, borders dissolve and institutions lose power? It’s horrifying but in such a world, the certificate givers, the license testers, the holders of the pieces of paper may find themselves and their institutions irrelevant, they may end up dissolving.

When that merge happens between each mind in the world, when each mind in the world starts thinking collectively, through this thing we call the internet, what would the affects of that be?

Food for thought then, picking God as an axiom is no different to a true inquisitive mind to picking 1 ≠ 2 and in a truly connected and free world you should be entitled to pick any without getting bullied by a scientist or a religious clerk. Labelling the axiom, a truth that is so true, so self-evident as wrong, is wrong in itself. Respecting the hard work following the axioms is science.

artificial intelligence

the matrix was a great story to listen to. but what is more important than the story we listen to, is the message that is to be sent across. I’ve always believed, firstly my language is limited to certain phrases and idioms I’ve learned and seen used in this secondary language to me. english is not my mother tongue. and while I do believe we need a way to distinguish what starts a sentence, a statement on its own, I also believe a dot and a capital letter to start a new one is not required. take the C language. a statement, essentially a self contained instruction in a high level language, ends with a semi-colon. then you don’t need to capitalize the next statement whatever it starts with although you could, or inevitably make use of a token that starts with a capital letter. I digress. art with a message kills the art inevitably and defeats the purpose of art which is creation, or reflection of creation. creation, that which we cannot control. matrix on that plane, was a proofing film created in the area of how can we prove evolution is right. 

any robots are taking control of the world type of film serves the purpose of evolution. evolution could very well be. we have no scientific proof that it is not. and believe it or not or find it wtf or not, most holy books are not clearly indicating otherwise or not. books are not saying there is no life in any other place than earth or not which then leaves us with the idea that there very well may be. 

in the film “Her”, the idea of having an OS that can understand you really well and beyond well actually is a possibility. imagine we had a way of feeding our knowledge unto a collective massive cloud or crowd computer, it is possible. the distinction between possible, theoretically possible, technically doable is not relevant. we can actually achieve the ever understanding and predicting and assuming and deciding computer. it is the distinction between man-made and happened by itself/created. man makes. man does not create. man is in awe of creation. man cannot create. man reshuffles and rearranges.

Easier said than done – documentary

One Hour Photo

What a pleasantly distressing movie. Twisted in the sense that Sy is alone, chose to be alone, was left alone. And this will be a spoiler but the joy that Maya and Will had cheating life, themselves and the rest. Following that the shame on their face. Then how right was Sy, not right that he took action but right that he said what he said. And one last thought who in their right mind cheats Connie Nielsen? Connie Nielsen by itself should be enough reason to love Denmark :)


idea entry points

The Visibility game

In the corporate world, working as an engineer, or any other technical non-customer facing role is hard. It’s hard because there is constant cost cutting as if you were electricity. Everyone tries to shut you down when you are not in use as if you were a light switch sucking juice :)

Indeed it’s hard for metric oriented organizations to see the value in maintaining grumpy, arrogant, intelligent beings who are generally idealistic about solutions, processes and systems. When teams of these individiuals are hired, at large corporations, it is not always possible to hire the ones with the right technical skill set. When that happens you end up with teams who have the geeky hard core technical people who have the skills and the not so greatly skilled who have to compensate for the lack of technical skill with fluff.

Fluff is any activity that seemingly has business value. Like arranging a meeting to go over what happened last week in the business, review the existing work and what people are doing. Rather than realizing autonomy is what creates the greatest results in engineering, capitalist corporations will try to manage these teams of technical individuals with non-technical business people managers.

I used to believe business management was not a requirement. It is. And there is science to it too. However when managing a group of individuals who are required to deliver technical excellence, the business management should be isolated from the rest of the engineering team. Requiring engineer input into business is a failure. Engineers can support business, can shape the business however expecting engineers to let go off their duties in exchange for business is a mistake.

Windows 8 Surface – being late or being right

In the field of operating systems or devices, and technology in general, it’s not always the smartest thing to be the first. Tablet computing devices are not an invention of Apple, Microsoft tried this in 2002 however the hardware was not ready for it at the time. Processors were slow, mobile computing was just lifting off and power consumption and battery life issues were not yet solved. ARM processors were non-existent back then and the mobile processors of the time were just not up to the task. Apple got the tablet idea right in a few ways. First the form factor was right. Nothing too bulky and the iPad was the thinnest computing device when it was released, nothing compared to it. Secondly it ran for 8 hours. Thirdly the excitement was big enough that app developers moved their apps to this platform or created new ones from scratch. From an IT Professional perspective, this device adds nothing to you as a geek, it’s a nice toy to have to consume content. Consume is the key here and consume is what %90 of the population does. This is another reason it was successful, instead of creating a device that enables the content developer, artist, scientist or the programmer or the enterprise knowledge worker, it enabled the lighter side of you to consume content, do facebook and twitter. But if you were to type anything longer than a tweet, my hats off to you because you can live with one half of your screen göne to an onscreen keyboard.

Windows 8 will bring together all that together and by being late it will get it even righter than iPad. It will take time, at least a year before it becomes the norm but when it does a new era will begin.

36:20, 36:21

Şehrin öbür ucundan bir adam koşarak geldi ve şöyle dedi: “Ey kavmim! Bu elçilere uyun. Sizden hiçbir ücret istemeyen kimselere uyun, onlar hidayete erdirilmiş kimselerdir.”

How to convert a uint to a decimal IPv4 address

Needed to do this recently on a tool, pasting here as it may be useful for others too:

StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
uint address = 3232236232;
long bitCheck = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < 32; i++)
bitCheck = ((long)1 << i);
if ((address & bitCheck) == bitCheck)
long bitCheck2 = 0;
int[] octets = new int[4];
for (int i = 0; i < 32; i++)
bitCheck2 = ((long)1 << (i%8));
octets[i / 8] += (int)(Convert.ToInt64(builder[i].ToString()) * bitCheck2);
txt.Text +=
octets[3].ToString() + "." +
octets[2].ToString() + "." +
octets[1].ToString() + "." +

Deira Road Side

[imagebrowser id=2]

true randomness is divine

randomness is incomprehensible. By definition that is. We could reach a state when it is not. We love, or more so, our brains love when we have cracked a pattern a repeatable series in a being, we love how easily exploitable it becomes. Are there things that are not crackable? By definition that is.?.


“You can’t take it with you
Dancing for your pleasure
You are not to blame for
Bittersweet distractors
Dare not speak its name
Dedicated to all human beings
Because we separate
Like ripples on a blank shore
In rainbows
Because we separate
The ripples on a black shore
Reckoner, take me with you
Dedicated to all human beings”


another rule

from The Forty Rules of Love, elif Shafak,

“Life is a temporary loan, and this world is nothing but a sketchy imitation of Reality. Only children would mistake a toy for the real thing. And yet human beings either become infatuated with the toy or disrespectfully break it and throw it aside. In this life stay away from all kinds of extremities, for they will destroy your inner balance.

Sufis do not go to extremes. A Sufi always remains mild and moderate.”


one of the forty rules

from The Forty Rules of Love, elif Shafak,

“..If you want to change the way others treat you, you should first change the way you treat yourself. Unless you learn to love yourself, fully and sincerely, there is no way you can be loved. Once you achieve that stage, however, be thankful for every thorn that others might throw at you. It is a sign that you will soon be showered in roses. ”



What should the muslims be doing today?

There are multiple failures around the understanding of islam between the muslims today which extends to non-muslims. Believe me when I say Islam has not architected institutions, there is no definition of official superior between muslims, All are equal unconditionally and it has been clearly stated multiple times that one’s spiritual level can never be clearly known. An imam leading a mosque through prayers five times a day could actually be a big sinner who will open the doors of hell while a drunk homeless wanderer could win the acceptance of god by one small act of good. However people are stupid. People are not clever. The bulk of the people were created to be ruled, to be manipulated.

We were all given a brain. For a believer, the very existence of such a complex organic computer in itself should be enough proof that all creation should be studied, examined and understood. It is also a supporting fact of why creation is complex.

Given the above, believing and the fact that it makes sense there is a design and a Designer, does not at all limit the ability of the science, on the contrary it is an enzyme to the reaction.

Why we have come to the point of consuming and not producing information should be keeping us awake at night. We should come to our senses as followers of islam, get rid of all instititutions that hinder progress, go back to the basics in the Book and follow that as our hint into understanding this life better, making it better, making it more efficient and making it more fun.


saçlarım seni beklerken uzadıkça uzadı

en karanlık gece otuz yıl

ne karanlık ne de kuzey rüzgârları


bir kağıt vardı defterin arasında

aşkı anlatacak gücüm yoktu

dedem gittiğinden beri

akşam ezanlarını duyamıyordum, ayıramıyordum eve gidilecek saati, uykuyu


beklerken karnıma ağrılar girdi

araya tatiller, haber bültenleri ve tamil gerillaları girdi

ince bir sızı oluyordu ellerin, sen dönüp dışarıya, sonra kollarıma düştüğün sıra

motorlar sustu. acı dindi. ekmek soğudu.

kızgınlığım. yumruklarım. tekmelerim. bir bardak çay.

ince sızlayan sessiz solgun sönük ses.in sensizliğim

silinmiş yazılar buluyorum. kitabın arasında. yol kenarında.

ertesi gün uyuyabilmek için susuyorum

nereye gitsem yanımda seni götürdüm

inandırmak için karanlığı kendisinden korkulmasına gerek olmadığına

nereye bakmam gerektiğini bulamadım

jeton, jeton, jeton…

çiçeklerin saplarını saklıyordum. kurutuyordum çiçekleri senin adına

insanlar.koşarken.el sıkışırken.konuşurken.

bunun sonu

geçitleri tutmuşlardı, kirişleri, köprüleri

etimde adını buluyordum her sabah

rakamlar susuyordu. Fiiit fitiitiitii fiitit. Ysxsrkasa öldü.

ince sızlayan yüreğim, adını sayıkladı.

geçen gün seni bulduğumda yorgundum. acıkmıştım. uykum vardı.

en güzeli ellerinden yeniden doğmaktı

leş gibi kokuyordu gözlerim

inandım geldiğine

milattan sonra, en sonra, geldiğine inandım.



Palestine, the Arab Spring, Jerusalem, Istanbul

“Keşke o kadar basit olsaydı! Keşke bir yerlerde gizlice şeytani işler yapan şeytani adamlar olsaydı ve onları bizlerden ayırmak ve yok etmek gerekseydi. Ama iyilikle kötülüğü ayıran çizgi her insanın kalbinin içinden geçmektedir .”, Alexander Solzhenitsyn



Resulullah süper bir insandı, ben o kadar değilim.
Resulullah yolda Ebu Bekir’i görse ‘Es Selamu Aleyküm Ya Sıddık’ derdi,
ben yolda Ebu Bekir’i görsem tanımam.
Resulullah asla yalan söylemezdi; ben annem ölürken hiç ağlamadım.
Ben annem ölürken çok ağladım çünkü annem
gırtlağından hırıltılar çıkarırken nasıl terliyordu, görmeliydiniz.

Resulullah Azrail’i yolda görse tanırdı;
ben Azrail’i annemin yanında görseydim ona bir çift lafım olurdu,
derdim ki şimdi yani af edersin ama o sıktığın annemin gırtlağı.

Resulullah olsa ona bunları söylesem o bana gülümserdi;
o bana gülümserdi ben ona derdim ki, anam babam yoluna feda olsun ey Allah’ın Resulü;
fakat şu koca melek, annemin gırtlağını sıkıyor, bir şeyler yapamaz mıyız?

Resulullah orada olsaydı annemin elini tutardı derdi ki ‘Kızım ha gayret!’;
ben orada olsaydım annemin elini tutardım ve derdim ki ‘Anneciğim ölmesen…’

Ben oradaydım annemin elini tuttum ve dedim ki ‘Anneciğim seni ben…’;
Annem döndü bana bir baktı o bakışı görmeliydiniz.

Resulullah o bakışı görseydi merhametten ağlardı;
ben o bakışı gördüm haşyetten bayılacaktım ama annem elimden tuttu.

Ne tuhaf, anneler ölürken bile çocuklarının

Anneler ölürken bile çocuklarının ellerini bırakmıyor ne tuhaf…

Resulullah çok şanslı bir insan
annesi öldüğünde o küçücüktü;
benim annem öldüğünde ben küçücük değildim,
zaten şanslı birisi de değilimdir, filmlerim iş yapmaz.

Annem daha yeni öldü fazla uzaklaşmış olamaz!

Olamaz dedim annem son nefesini alıp da vermeyince
Verse de ben alsam onu, içim ferahlasa, siz de görseniz
Resulullah tutsa annemin elinden birlikte geçseler çölü
Nasıl olsa Resulullah da ölü annem de ölü.


Muhsin Ünlü


Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an “escape” from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life.




I can t be taken seriously

I can t be taken seriously

the animal

In any given society the bulk of the people, the %98, the crowd, the group of people with average intelligence behaves like one single animal. It is very hard to distinguish the behavior, actions and emotional responses of this group individually and from animals.

One ecosystem to rule them all

Microsoft’s Andy Lees on Windows’ future: one ecosystem to rule them all,


dağdan indim şehire – köylü? ne tuhaf bir kelime

şairin de dediği gibi, köylü, ne tuhaf bir kelime.

dağlarda yaşayan, toprağı olan bir adam düşün. burdan karşı tepeye kadar toprak onun. onun tarlalarında yetişen domatesler istanbula gidiyor ve bütün çocuklarının karnı tok. sonra öyle zayıf bir devlet düzeni olsun ki, o kadar olsun, daha zayıfı olmasın. ben yiyim, sen ye, o yesin. ama hepimiz yiyelim, yemeyen domuz olsun.

sonra bu adamı öldür ve toprağını al. dağda ovada hiç bir engele takılmadan yaşayan adamı al. toprağı 10 a böl. 10 a böl ki kimseye yetecek büyüklükte tarla kalmasın. sonra bir köpek doyuran ağa getir. bu ağaya borçlandır o çocukları ve sonra bir film yap ve de ki burada, ekmek de burada, taş da burada altın da.

şimdi oy iste bunlardan. kapılarını çal gecekonduda çadırda. birer altın ver ve de ki bendim seni kurtaran, kurtaracak olan. karınları doyuracak olan benim. oylarını topla ve şimdi .iktir git gözümün önünden.

adamı al, apartmana koy ve bu sıkışık düzeni bilmeyen, otobüste ayakta dikilirken bir at gibi kokan adama şunu anlat: insanlar bu dar şehirde birlikte yaşamak zorunda. birlikte tarla sürmekten öteye geçip, sırada beklemekte, sıkışan yolları birlikte açmakta, sesini sesler duyulacak kadar açmak zorunda. o adamı al ve ağaçlarının olduğu yere geri götür. yapamazsın.

o adamı suçlama. kendini suçla ve her şey olup biterken sen televizyon seyrediyordun. elin imzaya, elin cebine, ayakların o yola gitmedi. cami dernekleri kurdurdun ve tüm dedeleri eğittin cuma namazında. ama çocukları birer militan yaptın. suçlu sensin. sensin. sen.

FedEx and DHL spoof emails with viral attachments–Part I

Lately I’ve been receiving a good number of emails with attachments that seem to be from FedEx or DHL and other respectable cargo companies Obviously an email that looks like below will not be coming from them:


Not social engineering at its best, however may work for some less educated users in the crowd. Let’s open it:


The attachment is a zip file but the full name is wrapped. On most systems you will see the Zip folder icon or another icon based on whatever zipping tool you use Smile


MSE, Microsoft Security Essentials detect this as Hostil. It is suspended. On an isolated machine at home, look at the properties of the file and it actually has a another icon embedded:



poses as a PDF file. Nothing interesting in the file details and it’s only 20 KB:



Try loading it with Ida and it displays the warning about imports segment corruption:




If you then try running it in a VM, the virus will delete the initial dropper and spawn 3 new processes:



This new threat that it unpacks into is detected as well by MSE:


This lol2.exe spawns and then exits and is UPX packed.


Masa yaptım kendime

Fazladan tahtalar vardı dedim keserim ben bunları. Ortaya çıkan sonuç:


facebook like button

“I like this. that as well. by clicking the like button on this page, under this video I declare my awesomeness for liking what I see on this web site. on this very virtual place. this place that doesn’t actually exist. by liking this video, I declare my awesomeness. I will not produce anything like this, was never able, will never be capable, but I like it.”, the facebook liking person.

How to share your Turkcell 3G Vinn connection to other users

When you buy a Turkcell 3g Vinn connection, it comes with a USB stick that is a 3G modem that establishes the connection. The USB stick installs a 3G modem on the system that you can use to create a Dial-Up connection with. If you create a new Dial Up connection, it will automatically default to this 3G modem and you can share this connection over a wireless network for others as well. Not required at home but if this is the only connection you have you should just as well use the dial up connection and share it over wireless for other devices that you may have. The only thing you need to provide when configuring the connection is the dial up phone number and that is *99#.

malware uses guerilla tactics

malware uses guerilla tactics to attack a target. an antivirus software, a firewall, access control lists and similar surface security technologies are like an organized army. an army can’t fight a group of terrorists in the mountains. you have to go guerilla yourself as well. companies that hire administrator minded security professionals that know how to configure and install security software are never skilled enough to deal with the tactics employed by modern malware. every company, organization, body need to have a dedicated team of specialized cyber security forces that infiltrate the inner network, keep testing it to break it, keep looking for anomalies in behaviour, data and code.

How to troubleshoot networking performance issues

A high volume issue that I’ve dealt with a lot over the years have been networking file copy performance and slowness issues. The definition of the issue is simple in that a client is taking more time to copy a file to a server than it would normally take and you would like to know why this is the case. The most critical piece of troubleshooting data required here is initially 2 network traces. One network trace taken from the server and one network trace taken from the client machine.


Figure 1: Simplified network diagram and the actors.

Before attacking the problem, it is important to understand that a user request to copy down or push a file to the server translates to SMB – Server MEssage Block protocol packets. These packets then have to pass through many different layers. The initial effort should be around spotting where the performance is degrading:


Figure 2: Layers a packet has to travel through before reaching the target.

The lines in the above diagram are the different layers and components that process the packet as it travels to the target machine. While trying to isolate the location at which the slowness occurs, we need to group these layers. There are 3 possible locations that may be contributing to the slowness of the traffic. The server, the network and the client. To determine the slowness the below figure will be helpful.


Figure 3: A client and server exchange of SMB commands and responses.

In Figure 3, t1 is the time that the first command has left the client. x1 is the time it has taken for the packet to travel over the network to the server. y1-x1 is the time interval that the server has taken to process the command and generate a response to the client. y1-x1 is most reliably figured out from the server side network trace. z1 is the total round trip that the command has taken to be processed a and a response is received on the client machine. Time interval t2 – (t1 + z1) is the time it has taken the client to generate the next command and continue the command exchange with the server. Based on the values of these time intervals it is possible to determine the root cause of the slowness and attribute it to one of the 3 main actors in the communication, the server, client and the network. See below:


If y1 – x1 = 0 and

t2 – (t1 + z1)=0

then the slowness is with the network.


If y1-x1 = 0 and

t2 – (t1 + z1) > 0

then the slowness is with the client.


If y1 – x1 > 0 and

t2 – (t1 + z1)=0

then the slowness is with the server.


Based on the above determination once one of the actors in the communication is chosen to be the source of the slowness then further examination of the performance on that actor should be performed. This will then lead to a further narrower root cause. Hope this helps in finding the root cause of slow file copy / transfer issues.

Gurbete Kaçacağım

Gurbete kaçacağım
O lacivert ülkeye

O üzünç denizine
Uzayan iskeleye

Ansızın zamansızın
Neler kalır geriye

Gurbete kaçacağım
O kimsesiz ülkeye

O geri donülmeze
Bağlanan ilk koprüye

Umarsız durmaksızın
Acılar tüketmeye

Gurbete çıkacağım
O duvaksız tepeye

O yolunda gözyaşı
Çeşmesi kuru köye

Kopup yalnizlığımdan
Kopup sonsuzluğumdan

Gurbete kaçacağım
Gurbete tükenmeye

Söz: Yaşar Miraç
Müzik: Selim Atakan
Albüm: Akdeniz Akdeniz


Oğuzhan Filizlibay, 1979 yılı bir Cuma günü öğleden sonra doğmuş, hayatını öğrenmeye, insanları eğitmeye ve doğruyu göstermeye adamış büyük bir insan, büyük bilişimci ve usta bilgisayarcıdır.

Yok, daha çok 1979’da İstanbul’da soğuk bir Cuma günü öğleden sonra doğmuş ve o gün bugündür aynı şiddette kafasının karışıklığını bir erdem olarak gören, soruları cevapladığı anda cevabı kağıda yazmadan sınav salonunu terkeden, tembelim ama zekiyim karizmasıyla bugüne kadar hayatta kalmayı başarabilmiş, sanatın bir çok dalıyla ilgili fakat herhangi birinde en ufak bir başarı gösterememiş, insanların web’in bu köşesine geldiklerinde ne alaka didikleri,  bir humanist, bir uzak bir yakın bir insandır.

Halen microsoft firmasına bağlı olarak dubai’de çöle çok yakın bir yerde, denizden biraz ötede, camiyi az geçince sağda bir yerlerde güvenlik üzerine çalışmakta, insanların güvenlik ile ilgili anlayışlarını ve kaygılarını gidermeye yeminli mali müneccim olarak çalışmaktadır. Genel anlamda işi sorun çözmek olan, arada sırada bir kaç mini program yazıp günü kurtaran, bazı programlarına kendi bile şaşıran ve sorunları çözdüğü anda ortadan red kit gibi kaybolan yalnız bir kovboy, bir vahşi doğu aşığı, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bir insandır. xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx.

şiir de yazmıştır. bir takım fotoğraflar kutular dolusu resimler de çekmiştir kendisi. bunları bu sitede görebilirsen ne güzel. göremediklerinse zaten kaydedilmeden kaybolmuş, arşivlenmeden unutulmuş, zaten kaybolmalarında büyük hikmet olan eserlerdir.

ve kendi kendine şöyle düşünür:

“cesur ve onurlu diyecekler, halbuki suskun ve kederliyim.” i.ö.

oguzhan at oguzhanf dot com

filizlibay at hotmail dot com


c. yatayda 4.5 saat… sabahtan akşama kadar…. akşamdan sabaha kadar…..

altıdan beşe kadar 23 saat eder ve daha sonra gün döner ve gün döndüğünde bağlaç kullanma ihtiyacı hissetmeyen bir adam bahçe duvarında belirir bekçi bu adamı vurur. bekçi köpeğidir hilmi, yumuşak huylu bir bireydir. toplum içinde önemli bir yeri vardır ve bağlaç kullanan adamları vurur. toplum bunun için hilmiye para verir, yağ tutmuş kemik, hapşırık ve sümüklü
böcek ilacı. toplum duvarlarla ördükçe etrafı, evlerin önüne otoparkları, otoparkların etrafına ağaçları diker. arabalar güneşten korundukça ve serinlik olunca, insanlar mutludur. sen mutlu olursun etrafı güvercinler sarınca. sıçınca onlar çay bahçesinden kalkarsın. kalkarsın masadan eğer dalga vurursa kıyıya.

kod sıfırların etrafına birleri sarmaktır. kod gelişir ve kod yazılan birşeydir akşamları. hayat akış diyagramlarında dizildikten sonra karar noktaları belirlenir. biri kalkar ve bir paket hazırlar. paket umuttur ve eğer tcp ile gönderilirse yerine ulaşacağını bilirsin. tcp sevgi doludur. udp umarsızdır. ama önemli değil, adreslerin belli olmadığı bir dünya bu, bana gönderme pencere boyutunu söyle, ben alırım nasıl olsa. ve nasıl olsa bir sorun olsa tcp halleder. çünkü tcp sevgi doludur, onun yüreği internetworkte kaybolan bir pakete dayanamaz. o akşam eve gidemez bir paket ttl dolduğunda öldüğünde. hilmi gelir ve routerların arka bahçelerinden ttli biten paketleri toplar. hilmi bunları gömer. bunları herkesin unuttuğu yerlerden alır ve tarihlerini kaydeder. treat me right. bana satır sonu karakteri gönder mesajın bittiğinde.

beni üzme. bir damla su ver, bir dilim ekmek. bana kafası karışan adamların bahçesini göster.
beni orada bul ve sonra kaybet. sonra dilim dilim ekmek ve damla damla su. sonra akşam. sonra çay. Burası.


konuşan bir kuşun arkasından uzaklaşırkendaha meteorik metamorfik metaforik dedim. aslında torik dedim. ben balık sevmemkine. ama yerim kimse üzülmesin. ben balık yemedim diye keyfi kaçarsa insanların, zaman yavaşlar,

o zaman oz aman kimseye derdini anlatamazsın. böyle de anlatma. ama yine de ye balığıboşver. hatta bamyayı da ye ki sabah insanlar işlerine gelebilsin, sabahları kahve içip şakalaşmak için bir pencere açılsın. pencereyi aç ve odayıhavalandır. telefonlarla oyna, bir bazı numaralar çevir. simgeler sinyaller seri bağlantılı cihazlar.

bana evrensel seri veri yolundan bahset. bu öyle bir veriyolu ki buradan tüm cihazlar ortak bir amaç için bağlansınlar, bu veriyolundan sevgi aksın. tüm cihazlar insanların hizmetinde hepsi tek bir adres alsın. hepsi tek bir protokol üstünden konuşsun.

gelme bana bunlarla. akşamdansabahaakşamdanakşamavesabahtansabaha. kelimedizisi.


burası birbirine sonsuz sayıda yollardan bağlantısı olma ihtimali bulunan milyarlarca sayfanın arka arkaya ve fakat birbirinden tamamen farklı konumlarda saklandığı ağ evreninde bir sayfa. burayı sen ne zaman buldun? buradan kimseye söz etmedim.

sadece adreslerini bildiğin sayfalarda en gizli yerlerini tatmin etmek için gece gizlice bağlandığın bir network burası. işte sana tehlikeli kelimeler. seninle aynı şekilde tanımadığı kızların nasıl becerildiğini seyretme konusunda merakı olan insanlar bunları seyrettikten sonra sen de seyredebil, coşkuya sen de katıl diye paylaştığı bir yer. daha önce hiç kolay olmadığı kadar kolay, daha önce hiç olmadığı kadar hızlı bir dünya. gerçekliğin yaşanmasının da bir o kadar zor olduğu bir dünya. yüzlerini görmediğin binlerce bağlı sistemin gezindiği bir gerçeklik.

insanların her biri bir gün karar verdiğinde kimsenin yerinden kalkmadan çalışabileceği, gezebileği ve hayatın baştan aşağı değişeceği yer burada başlıyor, adreste.

bağlantı bir adresle başlar. adres seni bulabilmek için kullandığımız bir tanımlayıcıdır. gerçek dünyada nerede oturduğundan çok sana nereden cevap göndereceksek onu bilmemiz için gerekir bize. adresler önemlidir. adresler hiyerarşiktir ve her ne kadar sana ait oldukları herkesçe bilinmese de sonunda arayanları sana getirir.

sistemin kapıları kapalıdır… seni bulan sistemine erişebilmek için bu kapıları zorlar. banka soygunlarını hatırla.. eğer kapı kırılamayacak kadar güçlüyse banka müdürünün ensesine dayadığın silahla açarsın kapıyı. ama açılmayacak kapı yoktur. kapılar sadece vakit alır. yeterince vaktin varsa tüm kapılar kırılır.

ya para aynı anda binlerce bilgisayarda ise. ya biz bi gün bilginin dağıtık saklanmasını sağlarsak ve tüm sistemler kendi başları yerine, komun halinde hareket edebilirlerse ne olur? o zaman ordular ortaya çıkacak. bilgisayarının başında saatlerce tek bir kapıyı zorlayan o adam yerine artık generaller ortaya çıkacak. bu dağıtık sistem ve işte bu fikir, idea, ide, mit gerçeği sayısallaştırır. neden paramı aynı anda 30 kasada saklayamam? 1. gerektiğinde toplamam zor olur, 2. güvenliği 30 ayrı noktaya dağıtmam gerekir. başka cevaplanması gereken soruların yanında bu ilk sorulara cevaplar; gerektiğinde toplaman gerekeyecek, çünkü alışveriş, transaction, toplam bilgisi üstünden yapılacak. mekansızlık. 2. herhangi bir kasa ele geçse bile içindeki toplamın sadece 30 da biri. güvenlik 30 parçanın toplamını güvenli kılmak için gerekenden çok daha düşük olabilir. sistem merkezi mi olmalı yoksa dağıtık mı? hizmet merkezden mi sağlanmalı yoksa koordine alt merkezlerden mi sağlanmalı. yoksa merkezler küçülmeli ve birbirinden bağımsız mı olmalı?

bir metal kablo üzerinden hareket eden elektronlar. elektronları durdurabiliyorsam eğer, ordular da bunlar üzerinden yönetilebilir. insanlar otururlar ve buna alışırlarsa o zaman ordulara gerek kalmayabilir. herkes sadece tuşlarla iletişim kurmaya başlar ve sadece elektronlar taşınırsa bir düşün, daha az enerji gerekir ve daha az bekleriz geceyi. zaman daha anlamsızlaşır. sadece gezmek için evden çıkarım. hatta çıkar mıyım? büyük ihtimalle çıkmam. bu da burada sona erer.

o kadar karışık olamaz

1: insanların ürettiği hiçbir makina algının ötesinde karmaşık olamaz.
2: sağlaması olmayan hiçbir matematiksel işlem yoktur.

o zaman sadece bu ikisinden yola çıkarak bilgisayar eğitiminin zor olamayacağı gibi bir sonuca varabilir miyiz? burada gerçek sanatçılar programcılardır. bunları tıpta genetikte uzmanlaşan doktorlara benzetebilirsiniz, kimya, fizik ve matematik konularında da hakimiyet sahibi oldukları da söylenebilir.

tüm bunların bir sonucu olarak aslına bakıldığında bilgisayar öğrenmek zor değildir. işletim sistemi karmaşık bir sistem değildir. sistemi bilenlere yolcular dersek ve en uzun yolu gidip geleni konuşursak, bu adam yolculuktan yorgun ve mağruriyetinden gördüklerinin her birini paylaşmayacaktır. Amacı kendine saklamak ve bedavadan elde edilmesine kendi çektiği acılar ve sıkıntılar sonucunda erişmeden edinecek insanları düşündükçe sinirlenmektir.

temel yanlış belgelemenin olmamasıdır. temel problem bu uzun yol yolcusundaki sabır güç ve dirayetin herhangi bir bilgisayar öğrencisinde olmasının o kadar kolay olmamasından kaynaklanıyor.

tarlalar dolusu varlar ve yoklar ufka kadar uzanır. sistem adresler, bunları saklar, arar ve sıralar. ama bu zor bi işlem değildir, bu anlaması zor bir konu değildir, sadece uzun bir yoldur. birler ve sıfırlar zor olamaz, birlerin ve sıfırların olduğu yer her an birbirini takip eden bir yaradılış.


çölde akşam
çölde hava temiz
çölden denize karışan kumlar
havadan kuma karışan kafalar
çölden akşama
akşamdan çöle
sonra kumlara
sonra da akşama.


Çarşamba, Aralık 14, 2005

yeni kalktım
yeni kalkmıştım ve yıldızlar doğru şekilde dizilmemişlerdi
dünyada açlık kavgalar ve depremler almış yürümüştü
avrupa birliğine giriş sürecimizin bundan yıpranabileceğini düşündüm
ve çekindim
farkındayım, ama kötü ruhlar peşimi bırakmıyor, yalnızlığımı daha bir farkediyorum zaman su gibi akıp gittikçe, değirmenlere doğru kavgam ve yumruklarım zayıflıyor, ve denize vardığında susan bir ırmak kadar yorgun hissediyorum kendimi
sonra bana fırtınalardan kalan nedir
ve akşam mesai bitimindeki o sevinç nerede
ben bazen ve daha da sıklaştıkça zaman ve daraldıkça aralıklar, aklına gitme fikirleri aşılanan bir adamım
ama gidecek gücü de olmayan orduları dağılmış ve artık kurtarması gereken bir toprağı kalmamış bir asker gibi
dağlara kaçmaktan bahseden biriyim
tüm bunlar bir yana hayatın artıkları ile yaşayan bir evsiz ne kadar uzaksa hırstan ve bulutlardan, ben de o kadar yakınım tarlalara, yeşil yeni patlamış bir tohuma
doğru diyorsun ama hani nerede hiç şimşek çakmadı şimdi
bulutlar dağılmadı
söz havaya
söz suya
söz toprağa dağıldı
hani yola çıkacaktım, işte buradayım
şairin dediği gibi
bu siyah paltolu casusun eşliğinde
belki de
belki de ben herkes dğru olur dediği için bilgisayarcı olmuşumdur
belki ben marangozdum
ya da sadece can sıkıntısından yazarken bundan para kazanıyordum
ve hiç para demiyordum hayatta
para su gibiydi, para bedavaydı ama başlarken işte derin bir nefes almadım
ve şimdi herkes için doğru benim için sorularla dolu bir yol, yoksa neden böyle olsun
yoksa dalından gittiğimde zaten böyle olamazdı
hiç soru olmazdı derim
hiç pişmanlık duymadım çünkü ben derken ben burada tek başınaydım
ama mükemmel değil işte anlattığım
her salak kafalı dangalak gibi mutlu olmak ve artık soru sormamak tabi ki yok mükemmel yalan tabi o
ama her nedense
aslında işte şöyleyse
ve fakat her nedense
bir bazı zamanlar gelirse adama böle
gider mi giderse
herşey bana bir yerden gelen bir mesaj ise
ya çemberin içindesindir ya da dışındasındır
sen içindeyken kafan değilse
masallar masallar masallar
herneyse ve herdeğilse

I woke in the middle of the desert.

I woke in the middle of the desert. Beneath the worn tent attached to the back of a car I haven’t seen before. Wind blows, and it’ssilent. Sun is inside your brain half way through vibrates through the transparent liquid which makes it all work. Dryness. I walked towards the car and got in. Dunes here and dunes there and winds and sand in the air after a couple minutes of waking up I realized where I was not. I did not where it was. Got in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and tried to give it a start. On the dashboard a piece of white paper, a little crumbled but a little yellow as well from the sun, must have been there for a long time. How long was it. Where was I before this. Where did I come from to this place, this very dot in the map.

Got in the vehicle and started moving towards which direction I don’t know but it felt like North. Didn’t read the paper, didn’t drink any water. Did not even think twice but started flowing with the sand towards North.

How to properly change and revert screen resolution in c#

I’ve recently had to write some code to change and reset the screen resolution in c#. The example at http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cs/csdynamicscrres.aspx is good enough however it wasn’t reverting back to a larger resolution after setting it to a smaller one. Set aside the size changes, it would not revert at all. The flag in red below and the 0x4 in the second ChangeDisplaySettings below does the trick.

This below code that I have now does not permamently change the resolution and only sets it temporarily. If your application quits or if you call this same function again with a new size it will revert back correctly. The 0x4 is a full screen change, like a game starting up and changing the screen size temporarily. Using the the enum_registry_settings as well is a change from the original example at the above link.

if (0 != EnumDisplaySettings(null, ENUM_REGISTRY_SETTINGS, ref dm))

dm.dmPelsWidth = iWidth;
dm.dmPelsHeight = iHeight;

int iRet = ChangeDisplaySettings(ref dm, CDS_TEST);


iRet = ChangeDisplaySettings(ref dm, 0x4);

switch (iRet)


WordPress + BuddyPress on IIS 7.0 Http 404 errors


IP address, really?

Really? You obviously consulted someone about what a Ping and an IP address is, then where did the disconnect occur? And what’s with the 5332 bytes of data, …king huge IP packet travelling in fragments all over the place. Caught on Nikita S01E10.

On the side of the majority

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”, Mark Twain

PHP Upload errors, 404.13 on IIS 7.0

If you run WordPress on a Windows Server 2008 like I do and try to upload a huge file to your wordpress media library, then you will get a nice little IO error or HTTP error in red above the upload page. If you try uploading the same file locally on the web server, the browser uploader will show the exact http error message of HTTP 404.13 Not found, request filtering content length yada yada.

The exact steps required for this to work is below:

1. Add the below under the configuration section:



<httpRuntime maxRequestLength=204800 requestLengthDiskThreshold=204800 />



2. Down below at the end of the web.config file add the below:…..



<requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength=204800000 /> 





If you do not provide the same value in size for the maxAllowedContentLength and the maxRequestLength and the requestLengthDiskThreshold in the web.config file, your upload will still fail.  


The httpRuntime parameters are in KBytes, the content length parameter is in bytes. 

Laf sokma sanatı

Nedeni çok önemli değil de, malesef olaylar gelişirken, birileri bişey derken o genel rüya aleminde gezen kafam, geri bir laf sokuldu mu o anda cevap veremiyor. Sonrasında gererim kendimi hep niye şöle cevap vermedim, niye bir laf da ben sokmadım diye. Bir laf da ben sokaydım herkes rahatlardı, hem de lafın güzelini böle. Kafanın bir çalışma yapısı var tabi, hareketler de ona göre şekilleniyor. İnsanları üzeyim diye gezemiyorum, ya da kıskanmıyorum herkes yerinde güzel olsun, beraber olunca da sadece güzellikler konuşulsun isterim. Kavgayı, itişmeyi, yüksek sesle konuşan insanları, kıskanç insanları sevmiyorum. Bu halleri insanların beni yoruyor, sürekli saldırıya hazır herkes. Köpeklerin korktuğunu anlayıp üzerine daha çok saldırmaları gibi, sen iyi davrandıkça, sen insanlara güzel davrandıkça, onlara ben de sizin zeka seviyenize inebiliyorum dedikçe itleşiyor insanlar. Beynimin çalışma zamanından saniye ayrılmayı haketmeyen insanlar, yine dediğim gibi kafanın çalışma yapısından dolayı yer kaplıyorlar. Boşlukları dolduran o kadar insan var ki, insanlar o kadar çok ki, o kadar çok oksijen israfı var ki, bu bir yerde dengelenir herhalde diyorum. Emekliliğe daha çok var, kafamı şöyle rahatça dinleyebileceğim bir yerim olmasına daha çok var. Öyle değil mi sevgili günlük, öyle öyle.

TODO: Read “Step-by-Step Reverse Engineering Malware: ZeroAccess Crimeware Rootkit”


Life in Dubai – part 1

Dubai is a gem, it’s beautiful. It’s a utopia in the desert that amazes everyone at first sight and keeps them baffled for a long time trying to understand how it was accomplished. Hosting the world’s tallest man-made structure, it’s an oasis. But, there is a catch, there are actually multiple catches with this city. Having lived in Istanbul, Reading and then here for 4 months, hear my thoughts.

Climate. Unbearably hot in the summer for around 5-6 months. These days though it is where you want to be. The weather is a lovely 28 degrees and with a nice breeze from the sea in the evenings, you can do anything in this weather, though it is to my amazement that noone opens their windows whilst driving still. The AC is an addiction here and the sustained unnatural life style.

Labor. Dubai and the UAE is a fairly young country and one of the more moderate in terms of integration with the Western world among other Arab nations in the region. Due to the low population most skilled persons are expatriates and the local Emirati people do not constitute probably no more than %10-15 of the workforce. If you were to take the expats out, there would really be no business to be run here. That is unfortunate and one that the Dubai Sheikh is working hard to change but a hard one to tackle. As far as I can tell due to the low population, noone gets to be naturalized, you’re born an Emirati :) not made one :) That’s quite allright for most, however it is an issue as noone gets to love the place for what it is, you will never own a piece of land here or make it your home. Everyone works and lives here with the notion that one day, once they’ve saved enough money they will leave.

When the workers, the professionals and the skilled labor do not feel they are part of the society of the place, how will that help build the country? This is a sincere question and one that I have an answer to. The government here needs to come up with a plan to make an intermediate status for the skilled labor that keeps this country going, give civilian passports to those that come from countries like Palestine and integrate them better into the society. Make UAE one of the greater nations in the world.

In 20 years, when the oil runs out completely, this and other similar actions will make a difference. When the oil runs out, and the constant cash flow into the country stops, these people will leave. In my case, I’m here as long as I’m employed and I want to see a Muslim country successfully develop itself.

Transportation and the postal system. Unfortunately no GPS properly works here as every month there is a new road constructed that changes everything. With the GPS you generally find yourself in the middle of nowhere, which may be good as it helps develop desert navigation skills. Your chances of finding your target are better if you had a map and a compass than using the GPS and its maps being outdated every minute. Unfortunately this gets reflected in many other places as well. There is no postal system. You don’t receive any mail, the only mail you get will get to your office that everyone knows about. As every house, apartment building is new, there is no uniform way to define an address, noone, including the postal office will know where your house is. Very unfortunate. If you live in a very well known area, like Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah then you will get your deliveries, but don’t bother getting anything from the internet to your home address, you’d have to use your office address for that and work with a local cargo company that knows where it is :)

Food. Food is lovely. There is no comparison to the UK in terms of the wonderful colorful food culture here. Eating out is cheap, and you can literally eat out every night without creating a dent in your budget. Grocery shopping is cheap as well and the ingredients are as can be guessed eastern, middle eastern which helps cook as you wish if you are from the region, which was an issue for us when we were back in the UK as most food was frozen and cooked and not much focus on ingredients. The Lebanese cuisine is the best. It is the beautiful mix of mediterranean and middle eastern, love it. You can find Lebanese restaurants everywhere and generally speaking their quality is much better than the other nationalistic cuisine restaurant, well to my taste at least.

All in all, do I enjoy living here? I love it. Dubai is one of the best places to be if you want to save money, enjoy more outdoor activities than elsewhere and live comfortably. More details to follow later :)

Cloud computing my .ss

The new buzz word, the new hope that will once more expand the IT business for everyone is cloud computing. With the current hardware, chip and bus technology we’ve only come thus far and in the next 10-20 years nothing exciting is going to happen, let’s face it. The only thing that will happen is optimization. Optimization of the hardware, solid state storage being the storage medium of choice and more devices and gadgets all around. But did we really need cloud computing, why have we missed the 400-500 million PCs that exist today and their idle computing power, what’s going to become of those?

In certain countries, if you are producing electricity at home and produce more than you use, the provider will pay you back, so you’ll sell the excess that you produce. Why didn’t the same thing happen with idle PCs at home? Certain NGOs did this with projects like World Community Grid by IBM or the SETI project, the Internet Mersenne project. However this did not truly unlock the true potential of what may have been achieved if all the PCs of the world united :D

Digitized computing started with one big machine and dummy terminals, then came the PC and now we’re back to the big huge machine again with dummy gadgets with little computing power. There may be good to come out of this but will it totally kill the PC at home, not mine at least, I’ll hang on to it :) What goes around, comes around. Look at how the world was, big empires, divided into small nationalized countries, and then the unions now. Word is out there that an American union is on its way with Canada, US and Mexico joining borders and currency. Another one is going to happen in Africa. There is a Gulf Collaboration Council consisting of the Arabian Gulf countries. History repeating itself? Yes, in a different light but yes it is actually repeating itself. Empires and dictators are coming back in the form of unions and soon there will only be 4-5 empires on earth. And after that in a couple hundred years there will be no countries.

And noone seems to think it’s actually a bad idea to repeat ourselves. I think it is bad. We should’ve come up with an even better idea but we didn’t. We humans suck.

Efe deniz kenarında, Kasım 2010

Ottoman State Shield

Ottoman State Shield, Osmanlı Devlet Arması

Dewa’ya git faturaları yatır.

Bu işi bu ayın 25’inden sonra yapacaksın, maaşı aldıktan sonra. November 25. Kasım 25 2010.

ferrari world visit

password keeping database application portable

a portable app, something you put on your desktop and synchronize with windows live mesh or similar application. that consists of a serialized database file and the executable. make use of .net and common encryption methods, nothing fancy. maybe make use of a self generated certificate. where do you keep that certificate. may be use the certificate file next to the app, open up every time with a password.

a management software for systems

a management system developed for managing systems and taking a new view on the whole remote management of issues, incidents and monitoring of systems. a system where you have customers, with networks of servers and client computers and all being managed from a central larger system. a service provider’s dream software. used to control hundreds of thousands of machines. making use of its own protocol and agent running on the client machine instead of WMI so is more realtime.

Racing chair

Start creating a prototype racing chair with four hydraulic arms resting on each corner of the chair, a cage. The cabin or this cage consists of the wheel, as seen on a working prototype on the internet. Pistons driven by a controller board, connected over usb to the PC, a driver to control the movement and software to interface between the physics engine. Braking, acceleration and right and left turns contracting and de-contracting of the arms.

Malicious behaviour database

Malicious behaviour database. A database with contributions from everyone with each behaviour detailing the changes to the system, information on detection, information on which active malware uses it and which active tools or software can be used to analyze or detect it.

In limbo, Araf

Keep thinking too much or over think and you may easily end up in limbo, in araf before you’re even dead. The mind, is like your stomach. Feed it too much, without rest, and you will find yourself in indigestion. This is not a state of disbelief, or depression. The mind and the body make a whole. The completeness requires both to be in good shape. If you have too much energy and no discharge, the mind is left with excess energy to go around, add to that an above average mind and there you go.

A blue lagoon, fish in the sea, the clouds on a beautiful day and a cool summer breeze. All the loved ones that ever existed on this very beach, all day long not until any time, forever and ever after.

Middleeastern Man


An example above on where we are. “White man” “street wolf” comments on a story at neowin.net(http://www.neowin.net/news/new-york-university-professor-to-implant-camera-in-his-head). Similar common places that you will get to visit daily on the internet who allow for comments, will provide similar examples every day. The world, the western “white” people and the assimilated black people following their lead, have come to a point where stereotyping the “Middle Eastern man” is the new black. It’s a complicated relationship between the white man and the middle eastern man with the middle eastern man owning most of the world’s oil and the white man owning the world. Living in Dubai for the past couple months helps put all that in a new light. Let me take you through a quick world history tour and how we ended up here.

The Silk Road. Trade and moving of resources from where the resources are to the places where resources aren’t and controlling the road and the resources. Following the Ottomans’ invasion of and making Anatolia a home, the link between the East and the West cut off. The cut off lasted for centuries, around 6 centuries to be somewhat exact. When you look at how it used to be in the east, the dark middle ages, it actually wasn’t. The east from the steppes of China to the outer rim Smile, the Balkans, were actually living a very comfortable, technologically advanced and healthy life. While there are resources, and they are well managed, and people own them, all is well. Technology advances, everyone’s happy.

Well not in the west, the story was a bit different there. Lack of resources, food, hygiene, health and lack of an enlightened society mainly due to the over-powered church and its associated institutions, life was not so good. Human beings are amazing creatures. Humans, as groups of people are clever beings. To survive, the west started to get clever. With what little you have, you have to get clever or you will perish. Instead of perishing the west started advancing in maritime technology and from 1400s and onwards started taking the longer route around the Ottoman empire to the East, around Africa and started discovering new places, ports, colonizing and establishing new settlements along the way. Once they reached India, no wars were fought, the Indians did not really understand what was going on but the white man was their friend that wasn’t going to leave without taking what was rightfully theirs, resources.

For hundreds of years, they collected so many resources that at the end, the resources this time were going to perish at home in Europe, or they were going to make use of them. Excessive resources gave birth to the industrial era. The excess raw material was not found, collected or produced in Europe or Britain, they were collected, rightfully from their origins in the East. And the west, for the betterment of humanity, for total humanitarian cause, started the industrial revolution.

What was once a wasteland, the desert for the westerners, became the ultimate goal for global control. As the world industrialized, oil and the possibilities that could be built, run, operated with it came to light. Hence the west needed to control the middle east now. As the Last Prophet says, “The power to defend countries against enemy has been divided into ten, nine of this was given to the Turks and one to the other nations. Stinginess has been divided into ten, nine was given to the Persians and one to the other nations.  Generosity has been divided into ten, nine given to the Sudanese, and one to the rest of the nations. Decency has been divided into ten, nine was given to the women, the rest to the men. Dissension’s been divided into ten, nine given to the Arabs, one to the rest. Arrogance has been divided into ten, nine given to the Rum(Westerners), one given to the rest.” Arabs have very quickly separated themselves from the Empire and joined forces with the British to fight their fellow Muslim rulers, the Ottomans. Borders were drawn with rulers, nations that did not exist before came to existence.

The fondness for the British of the people of the Middle East and the West come from this little liberation help they got. The liberation have helped form new countries however the West have really shown why in the first place this was done when they formed Israel out of nowhere, when they invaded the region a couple times, to control the resources. As the black race in America, and the lesser nations of Europe became more and more of a Christian, got assimilated more and more, who can argue the need for a new enemy. The middle eastern man, the Muslim more generally, the age old enemy of the west Smile Welcome back. So when you observe how the western bum on the street tries to find a reason for his diminishing resources, his lack of having a home with a garden being taken away from him, it’s all because of the man with the bushy eyebrows, the dark skinned Arab Smile Really? Is that really why it’s happening?

A whole system built on theft of resources from all around the world without actual means of technological advancement and production, without a link to reality is bound to fail. A society built on resources collected from elsewhere, leaving the elsewhere poor and needy is bound to fail. You cannot build your happiness on another’s suffering. Printing money out of nowhere will only get you so far, until when I say I don’t accept that piece of paper anymore. But still, there are the armies, who will invade, if you say you will not accept their printed paper, as in the case of US invading Iraq as Saddam then decided he would not accept dollars anymore for oil :D. Twist in the story is the US did not actually fight an organized army as they were invading Iraq did they? All the Iraqi generals had then disbanded their armies anyway, the US army while technologically definitely advanced, is not stronger than the movies of the Hollywood, because a war is fought against humans, and humans will find a way to survive.


Scheduled Screen capture is a tool to capture the screen of a machine at set intervals (every configured hour) and send it in an email to you or the specified recipient.


It will sit on the system tray and send the email every time the schedule hits. Is not currently configurable to start at logon but is a feature that will be added. Current version is

You can install the tool from http://www.oguzhanf.com/tools/scheduledcapture/deploy.htm

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Earth - 2010

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Unpulse - 2010

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Parallel Universe - 2010


Classified - 2010

Armut Elma Karpuz

 Armut Elma Karpuz - 2010

Eylül 2010

Putting things into perspective

At any given time, with any given situation it’s critical to weigh the importance of the happening and decide how we are going to react to that situation. Recently I have been reading a self-help book by Paul McKenna, “Change Your Life In Seven Days”, some amazing techniques in dealing with every day and life long difficulties, good one to read. In day three of his method, Dr. McKenna talks about framing and perspective. Given any issue, you can make it smaller or bigger depending how you want to frame it in your mind. You can go about exaggerating every little issue and make it a national security problem or you can let things be what they are and put them into a frame which makes them smaller and easier to manage.

Remember a time when you had a fight with your boss, a stressful situation where you were not able to make your point and ended up unable to resolve the issue. This probably happened because because of the frame you’ve created around the issue. That issue becomes the only thing you focus on as it is progressing. Take a step back, at that exact point where you’re receiving the negative feedback. What your boss is saying does not make sense in any account however they’re also on a crusade, there is no talking them out of it.

Now look at yourself from the third person perspective and evaluate the situation at the city level. Look at what’s happening and think about how many others are having the same issue as you are in the same city. In the same country, in the world. Then look at the world from the moon. Take it a step further and look at if from Mars. Leave the Solar system and think about the issue and what it boils down to from a galactic scale. Then take it to the intergalactic scale, and look at the whole existence of the universe and put the issue you are having with your boss at the universal level. How weak the signal gets when you look at things from a universal level, you can’t hear it, you can’t see it, it’s gone.

Make it even smaller and less important by painting it black and white, taking the colors and sounds away. Make your boss sound like Mickey Mouse. This technique put forward by Dr. McKenna helps. Your problem with your boss is not significant and can be ignored at the grand scale of things as they exist in the universe. While every little thing in the universe can affect others, during formulation of what works best for you, certain details need to be neglected otherwise mathematical generalization will not work. Do it. Take a deep breath and realize how insignificant your worries are given where it stands in the universe. Will you die at the end? Will the universe come to an end? Is it the judgement day if you don’t let this go? Probably not, take a deep breath and let life be.

PC Case Design: Prototype 1


This above design is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. It’s got a large enough fan on the front and an exhaust fan right after the PSU. The PSU is a blocker unfortunately however this next one may be able to solve that:


I’m not sure about what sort of material to use for building the case however wooden panels and other wooden pieces may be an interesting way to build it. Metallic panels and components are hard to work with and stitching them together will require welding or punching of bolts at certain points. I could also maybe use plastic but that is not something I can mould. Material wise I’m open to ideas.

Toyota fortuner is awesome

It is awesome. Just got mine delivered few days ago and been enjoying the ride. Both a good 4×4 and also a nice family car and all round good value for money. This model is not available in Europe and is currently exclusive to Asia and the Middleeast.

Freedom of speech

Does it exist? In the workplace? In life? Politically? Religiously? No. It doesn’t exist. If FoS is puking all that I’m thinking about, and telling you and the receiver anything that comes to mind, then no, there is no freedom of speech. There is no freedom of thought. The world is built up on rules of engagement and like it or not, this is what we agree to when we decide to live in cities, attend educational institutions and be a citizen.

If I was brave enough to leave the civilization and pursue my life long dream of becoming a fisher man, I’d be able to tell whatever came to mind about the fish. about the sea. about the weather. about how people are and why a great percentage of people are lacking brains, logic. Above a certain intelligence if you are, there is no way you can express yourself the way you want and still be peaceful with the people. There is no way.

It is unfortunate but at the same time a need. In the workplace if something is wrong, all those channels to take it up to are basically for show. Noone sincerely wants everybody to be able to speak their minds. There is no such thing. Take this blog for example. Whenever I write anything here it is with fear that it will release too much information about what I think and how my brain actually operates. I still try and push the limit as much as I can but it is not really close to what really goes on in there. I will retire someday and leave the city. Maybe I’ll be able to release information in such a manner that will help masses know the truth about things then.

US and Afghanistan

For the past 20 years the world has seen many conflicts, Bosnia, Somalia and other places where minorities, non-Christian ethnic groups have suffered. Most notably none of the communities that have suffered as said are Christians, even though some of these conflicts have occurred in the continental Europe.

It appears that globally powerful nations, empires have always acted the same. Controlled the resources, collected the resources, brought them back to the capitol and told everyone some other story to keep them busy. US is the global power that is able to sink the economy and revitalize it at the same time. However while the US can do many good deeds with the power it has, the main motivation for it has always been more control over resources. Resource control. That’s the exact reason why the US never properly intervened in Bosnia or Somalia or other regions that are instable at the moment in Africa.

US is present in Afghanistan today for one reason and that is drugs. Opium production in the country was banned under Taliban rule and this has been a major issue for the US pharmaceuticals and also legal drug trafficking. As much as oil control determines the flow of economy, drugs are a major commodity and a resource that should be controlled as well. Eradicating the Taliban has allowed for the drug production to resume as it used to be in the country. Quoting Wikipedia, “Afghanistan is, as of March, 2008, the greatest illicit opium producer in the world, ahead of Burma (Myanmar) and the “Golden Triangle“. ”, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opium_production_in_Afghanistan .

As generally is the case, this is never ever discussed on CNN. Whose voice gets the most heard? We have a saying in Turkish, whoever has the money, blows the whistle. (not to be confused with whistle-blowing). Power lets your voice be heard and manipulate masses. Looks like US had planes crash into its towers in New York, but rather it itself did this very act for an excuse to invade Afghanistan to control the drug production and trade. Just like it did with Iraq, Vietnam and others.

To say the least, US as I’ve stated above can change the world for good. On the one hand you could say Obama is a cute face put before our very eyes to like America more. On the other hand Obama may sincerely be the just ruler who will bridge the gap between the civilizations and bring peace on earth once more.

I want to believe the latter, I want to see the latter happen. Time will tell. Time always tells. And what goes around, comes around. Here in the East time is circular and for a very good reason: human behaviour does not evolve as it revolves around the need for food, for power, for control.

A Platform for malicious behavior detection

Take Metasploit and based on the same idea develop a detection platform. It is not easy at all to even think about how you would design an application the size of this but flexibility and extensibility would be key for it to be useful. If the community feels it’s useful, you can create a plug-in or script architecture to generate detection for behaviors that would be classified as suspicious. What do you call this platform? Do you track malware as well or focus on rootkitty behavior only? How do you extend this, what layers do you exist in? Would you detect in real-time? Would you need to diff things? How would you make sure only the Jedi develop scripts? How will authenticate the Jedi? There has to be a trusted group of maintainers?

When you do that, would that piss the community off? Or would they enjoy the fact not everybody develops a script/plug-in for the platform? What will you call the platform? Suspicious Activity Framework, SAM. Malicious Behavior Detection Platform, MBDM. Which platform do you build this on? Do you build it on a managed platform or an unmanaged platform? Detection. How do you go about detecting file system activity patterns? Registry access patterns, registry and file system access patterns and how do you link these together? How many people do you need to keep up with the rootkits being developed in the wild today? What code versioning tool do you use? Will you use Sourceforge or Codeplex? You will need a kernel mode driver/s for detecting activity in the kernel, will you actively monitor the kernel for modification? Will you build these for x86 only initially and will you include x64? Will rootkits become so exotic and Windows will get even further secure in the x64 realm that rootkits will face extinction? Not really. But still if we said %90 is developed for the x86 world, that would probably not be an exaggeration.

Machine learning. How do you build learning in to the platform so it stays dormant and white flags patterns for a while? Is it or will it ever be possible to actually say a system is in a secure monitor-ready state before you start this learning? Can you have volunteers who will actually say here I’ve profiled this Windows XP x86 system for a while for you and take this data, use it.

Much to do, little time to do it, lots of constraints. Who’s working on behavioral detection at the moment, are there any vendors that are actually giving this a try at the moment?

Collapse, the movie

Nice documentary about Michael C. Ruppert and his investigative work over the years. When you’re watching it, Michael will basically trash all the theories about the future of sustainable energy sources. While he makes everything look all doom and gloom, he suggests 2 alternatives: wind and hydroelectric power. However he does not elaborate and at the end of documentary he creates a huge emptiness. Most other things he talks about are real, how unsustainable the compound interest/fractional reserve banking system is and how we’re basically consuming something we do not have. I don’t think the world will come to a grinding halt at Peak oil, it will be serious however our ability to problem solve and adapt will ultimately help. Take it with a grain of salt.

Media and security vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities always exist and are proven to be there for any product that’s ever been designed. While the severities change, all code in some way or the other has vulnerabilities. Even though methodologies such as SDL by Microsoft help write secure code, human beings are inherently flawed in designing and architecting and that is a fact. We need to keep working on it.

The disgusting thing about the media is when they hear the news about a new vulnerability. Their main drive is not to warn people, but to get more ratings and attention which translates to revenue. Coupled with the topic’s interest generating nature, no technical checks on the validity or the details of a vulnerability are performed by these individuals.

Same goes for medical and scientific news as well. This was a quick note to say how disgusted I am with media in general however I do believe that there are still independent sources of information out there that should be followed and are not driven by revenue generation. I’ll try to post links to these sites as we go along.

“The Rootkit Arsenal, Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of the System”

When you are interested in how the enemy is actually developing threats and if you are working in the area of information technology you are luckier than say if you were working for the army. Technology and computing are areas of scientific interest and while you won’t see weapon manufacturer’s or any engineer in that field publish books on how the weapons are made, we get lucky with information security. Bill Blunden’s book on rootkits, The Rootkit Arsenal is one such book.

Arrogance is one thing I hate in an author and that is one thing Bill Blunden doesn’t have. He starts off with a very good overview of what this book will do for you in terms how it will explain the things it will explain and also what you should expect. Manipulating a system requires knowledge of the underlying hardware, operating system and software. He starts the book from the very beginnings by looking at the DOS os and how software and the DOS work in that realm and then slowly builds into the 32 bit.

One word of caution though, this is not a first book to read for starters. You will find yourself lost after the first chapter if you haven’t seen assembly in action, and haven’t actually tried coding in it. Another requirement is C. Windows was mainly developed in C and at the end of the line it all boils down to the processor which sucks in opcodes, operands, registers and memory values and does its magic. Before you go for this book, you may want to try Greg Hoglund’s book on rootkits as in comparison it is smoother and does not have as much detail as this one does.

All in all a great read if you’re interested in how rootkits hide, install, sustain and pwn a system for long periods of time.